Nov 29 2015

The Empire Files: Native American Genocide with Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

Each November, Americans celebrate a mythical version of U.S. history. Thanksgiving Day’s portrayal of the experience of Native Americans under the boot of settler-colonialism is one of the Empire’s most cherished falsehoods.

Nov 29 2015

Days of Revolt – Militarizing Education/Chris Hedges

In this episode of Days of Revolt, host Chris Hedges discusses the militarization of higher education institutions with journalist Alexa O’Brien. They uncover the trail of money and influence from the national security state to college programs. Hedges and O’Brien identify the ways in which this apparatus has long­been in effect, and what it could mean for the future.

May 13 2014

Impeccable Timing: Donald Sterling Vs. The L.A. Clippers

The first thought that came to mind upon hearing about the Donald Sterling/L.A. Clippers fiasco was a quote attributed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad by Bro. Jabril Muhammad: “One of the ways we know that we are in the judgment is that every one and thing will tell the truth on him/her/itself.” (Closing the Gap, pg. 86).

The second thought was how thoroughly the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan dealt with this issue among the many subjects he tackled during his monumental 58 part lecture series, “The Time And What Must Be Done.” The episode that cuts right to the heart of this situation is Part 39 which you can read the transcript of via The Final Call, entitled: “Why The Transgenic Seed and The Natural Seed Cannot Coexist.” You may also view the segment in its entirety at and scroll through the archives. Take a moment to delve into the The Time And What Must Be Done Part 39, I’ll wait.

I know that’s a lot for you to chew on but keep on chewing until you’ve managed to nibble your way through the entire lecture series.

No matter how many times Ms. V. Stiviano says she doesn’t believe Donald Sterling is racist in his heart, his innermost thoughts which she was commissioned by him to record represent his dying reality.  And although most can agree his sentiments represent a bygone era of slavery, plantation economics and Jim Crow which left systemic long lasting effects for the masses of Black people in America in the form of The New Jim Crow. Our sister and legal scholar, Michelle Alexander has been traveling the world over the last 2 or 3 years detailing how systemic racism has been bequeathed over the years and remains in place today albeit a more covert manifestation. It’s only when overt situations like the Donald Sterling/Clippers Fiasco expose to the world the racism Black people are forced to suffer silently today.

His thoughts are shared by other white men globally, which points to something they are very aware, their declining population. Literally as in toward extinction.  So his sentiments speak to the white American male’s innermost fears which Public Enemy summed up in one of their album titles over two decades ago: Fear of A Black Planet.

In The Time And What Must Be Done Part 39 Minister Farrakhan states:

On the cover of the April 9, 1990 edition of Time magazine (Vol. 135, No. 15), it asks the question, “What will the U.S. be like when Whites are no longer the majority?”, and then states:  “AMERICA’S CHANGING COLORS.”  Inside there is an article written by William A. Henry III entitled “Beyond The Melting Pot,” who writes:  “Someday soon, surely much sooner than most people who filled out their Census forms last week realize, white Americans will become a minority group.  Long before that day arrives, the presumption that the “typical” U.S. citizen is someone who traces his or her descent in a direct line to Europe will be part of the past. …  If current trends in immigration and birth rates persist, the Hispanic population will have further increased an estimated 21%, the Asian presence about 22%, blacks almost 12% and whites a little more than 2% when the 20th century ends. By 2020, a date no further into the future than John F. Kennedy’s election is in the past, the number of U.S. residents who are Hispanic or nonwhite will have more than doubled, to nearly 115 million, while the white population will not be increasing at all. By 2056, when someone born today will be 66 years old, the “average” U.S. resident, as defined by Census statistics, will trace his or her descent to Africa, Asia, the Hispanic world, the Pacific Islands, Arabia—almost anywhere but white Europe.”

When you see “the death of The West,” it’s not only the death of The West in terms of the dying population of the White race, it is the death of the religion that they organized for their political purposes; which comes back to “Islam,” and The Qur’anic saying:  “Surely the true religion with Allah is Islam.”

Foreboding for an inevitable consequence of The Time:  The ‘state of mind’ of Whites, Blacks

As the Caucasian sees his birth rate declining in America and around the world, and sees the rise in births among the Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and the darker peoples of the Third World, his fear of the loss of his ability to continue to rule produces in him a state of mind that makes him more disagreeable to live with in peace.

Conservative commentator Patrick Buchanan, in his 2002 book titled: “The Death of The West:  How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization,” shared his views on a declining White American population.  He writes on page 12:  “The prognosis is grim.  Between 2000 and 2050, world population will grow by more than three billion to over nine billion people, but this 50 percent increase in global population will come entirely in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, as one hundred million people of European stock vanish from the earth. …  In 1960, people of European ancestry were one-fourth of the world’s population; in 2000, they were one-sixth; in 2050, they will be one-tenth [of the world’s population].  These are the statistics of a vanishing race.  A growing awareness of what they portend has induced a sense of foreboding, even panic, in Europe.”

Obviously this is a reality the white male species the world over will have to prepare for and fortunately you don’t have to rely on our guidance to help you with this transition to your new reality of not running the world in the future.  Some of your own scholars are putting in work to help ease you into your new role as merely a “participant” in Geo-Political affairs and governing the affairs of the Planet Earth. Most notably Tim Wise and if you haven’t seen his documentary “White Like Me” where he dissects white privilege, do yourself a favor and add it to your watchlist before you pop a blood vessel. For so long you have called the shots that this will be a major struggle for you and we sincerely hope you get all the counseling you need to make for a smooth transition into a world you don’t control.  But if this is just too much for you to take, Suicide’s always an alternative.

As for how the NBA, the Players’ Association, the players, coaches other owners, fans, sponsors and anyone in general with a stake in the outcome of this fiasco handled this situation wonderfully under the circumstances.  You know the players and coaches had to be angry beyond belief that an insider from the NBA would blatantly express what everyone suspected already about the Plantation Economics the NBA thrives on but how we collectively ignore this inconvenient truth because the NBA, in their words is where Amazing Happens.  And it is.  They are the premier showcase for our most gifted athletes in the world.  And seventy-three percent of them are Black Men.  So on another level this was a power struggle which the brothers leveraged beautifully. The threat of them uniting to shut down the NBA playoffs on the world’s largest stage possible was enough to make Mark Cuban rethink his initial position.  Who knows what the fallout from such a move would have looked like because that scenario was averted however temporary the aversion is.  It wasn’t even in the hearts and minds for the players to upset a system that they benefit so handsomely from but now the thought has been forcefully planted into their psyche.  And if the thought isn’t there (which, let’s be honest it’s probably not. Check out what Minister Farrakhan says in Part 39 describing the “Black Leadership” Class: “But here is something to consider; for “the state of mind” of our Black Leadership class is this: They cannot see themselves in any way being separated from their former slave masters and their children.  They can’t see it; they don’t want to see it!  And really, most don’t want it …  To think of “separation in a land of their own,” using their creative talent and capability in every field of human endeavor—but using this knowledge for the benefit of self?  And so when our leaders think like that, they are going to continue to press the government, press White people (pleading):  “We want to stay with you!”—and the anger is going to increase; and the blood shedding will increase.  And soon, you will see that it is The Time in History that we must be separated… “) ok, where was I? And if the thought isn’t there to completely separate from this system to start a new one where they can reap the real net worth (which we already know from a sponsorship and TV deal perspective is on a sliding scale depending on who’s in ownership position AKA the Good Ol’ Boy Network but Floyd Mayweather is enjoying the fruits of controlling his own financial destiny) then at the very least you know that more of them have ownership as a realistic goal of theirs and now they are really getting a grip on how to pool their resources and leverage their power.

The third and final thought (for now) about this whole situation is the question of increased Black ownership in the NBA as a result.  Fortunately our sister Minister Ava Muhammad delved into this aspect pointedly on Sunday which you can view for yourself at whereas she described this as a classic case made in two books published by The Nation of Islam: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks And Jews Volumes 1 & 2. In closing I want to lift a quote from her talk about why more Black representation in the ownership class of the NBA would still do little for the masses of Black people in America and the world over to end the systemic racisms that permeates the societies of the Earth:

“Y’all get excited because Oprah’s going to buy the team. Or P-Diddy is going to buy the team, wow, that’s awesome. Magic said he might take it. Don’t get excited about somebody Black buying the team.  There were Black people that owned slaves.  Did that change the institution of slavery that some Blacks owned some slaves?  Since we’ve been here there have always been exceptions.  Let me read to you from Joseph Holloway’s study on Black slaveowners which all historians agree that there were a few Blacks that owned slaves.  This is what he writes, ‘The majority of Black slave owners were members of the mulatto class.’  Get part 2 of Saviours’ Day for Minister Farrakhan’s message on the mulatto class. ‘The majority of Black slave owners were members of the mulatto class and in some cases they were the sons and daughters of white slave-masters.  Many of the mulatto slave owners separated themselves from the masses of Black people and attempted to establish a caste system based on color, wealth and free status.’  And that’s what a mulatto was by definition, not light skinned or dark skinned but the child of a white and a black.  And you know it had to be a white man and a black woman.  Black men were tortured and killed on even a false charge of looking at a white woman.  Now look at this, ‘the colored community of Charleston city clung to the superiority of white blood.  That’s where we get this color problem from, all of these centuries of them driving home to us the zero value of black and so they assign value by degrees the closer you are to being a caucasian.  The less melanin that you have. The mulattos of the old Black free elite did not attend church with the dark-skinned Blacks they not only formed congregations which excluded freed men of dark complexions, they only married among other mulattos to keep the color in the family.’  Now I personally don’t get off on the exchanging a white owner for a Black owner because nobody owns me.  More than that, look at the protocol of it all, the terms: you’re referred to as a player when you’re a worker.  You’re traded, now you’re the one that puts the value in the game.  Who would have watched The Clippers and The Warriors if it was just some old white men sitting in some seats?  That’s bizarre and insane.  I don’t know of any NBA teams that aren’t dominated if not one hundred percent Black.  No matter what city they’re in. And if there are any teams with white players on them they don’t make it to the playoffs because that’s when I start watching in the playoffs and I’ve never seen them.”

Let us all Consider the Time and What Must Be Done and recognize that these manifestations of defects in their system of rulership represent the sign you have been waiting for to stand up strong get over the fear that cripples you from rising and doing as you will. Thank you for these brief moments and may Allah bless you with the light of understanding.