Mar 31 2010

Black Men United Hosts a “Stop the Violence Barbershop”

Black Men United for Change on Sunday held a creative community event that was used to help continue the call of, "Stop the violence!" The event was held at the historic Craige Cultural Center.

Members of Black Men United made it possible for almost one hundred young African-American males to get a free haircut and hear messages that advocated peace and self-respect. “This whole idea is about doing something uplifting on behalf of and with Black men and boys. We want our people to see Black men doing things such as entrepreneurship so they can see there is hope–there is more to us as Black men,” said Robert “Kool Black” Horton, co-founder of the group Black Men United. “We have been hosting monthly meetings so Black men can network but we want to go beyond just meeting. We wanted to take some action to address violence, absentee fathers, education and other issues.” Prior to hosting the Stop the Killing Barbershop event, Black Men United organized several community barbecues throughout the city of New Orleans that also were used to promote the spirit of unity and community.


Mar 31 2010

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons launches ‘peacekeeping’ campaign

Hip-hop icon Russell Simmons joined leaders of a grass-roots movement in Brooklyn and Queens Saturday to kick off a “peacekeeping” campaign in some of the city’s toughest neighborhoods.

via: nydailynews

Mar 24 2010

PeaceKeepers On The Move