Apr 3 2010

Love for The Botherhood

The love of the brotherhood at Muhammad Mosque No. 46-Photo by Bro. Peter

Some of us say from our lips “I want for my brother what I want for myself”, but it may not necessarily be in our hearts or manifested in our actions.

Well let me share with you an experience I had during my trip to New Orleans, Louisiana on March 20-22. I was flying into town to be a panel moderator at the 7th Annual International Human Rights Film Festival.

Before my departure from Houston on March 20, I received a call from Student Captain Jason Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 46 to let me know that a single FOI by the name of Charles Muhammad offered for me to stay with him in his apartment for the weekend.

Capt. Jason said the brother had a couch and I said “That’s all I need.” I thought to myself, there is nothing like true brotherhood. Let me tell you more….

via: Brother Jesse Blog