Aug 21 2012

Nation of Islam, Farrakhan hits the streets in 100+ cities

( – The FOI (Fruit of Islam), men of the Nation of Islam including the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan hit the streets of over 100 cities in efforts to bring peace and hope to violence-plagued neighborhoods.

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 Houston Fruit of Islam promoting peace in the streets



Min. Farrakhan’s Atlanta Mosque #15 FOI Call Out.

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Aug 1 2012

Minister Farrakhan Takes To The Streets


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan lead the Men of God into troubled parts of Chicago in an effort to increase the peace on the streets and curb the violence that has plagued Chicago recently. He also called for members of the Nation of Islam all over the country to hit the streets in their respective cities. The response has been tremendous in every city the brothers engaged in the outreach effort.

“It’s great to have Black men as an example to show these other young Black men that there is another way, and to have Minister Farrakhan leading to show other Black men and woman that it’s another way, I’m ecstatic,” said Ald. Thomas. “I think they need to hear from someone they trust and that they will listen to, and the Nation of Islam are the people they will listen to.”

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